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Retreats Portugal


Aqui pode encontrar uma selecção de produtos da Quinta produzidos de forma biológica, artesanal em agricultura familiar!

Misturas de plantas medicinais inspiradas na filosofia do Yoga
7,40 euro / unidade

kundalini Awakening

(Mentha piperita ~Thymus citriodoros ~ Gomphrena globosa)

Your breath is the voice of your soul.This infusion

helps you to clean and purify the respiratory system.

Kundalini is our sleeping beauty. When awaked, takes

place the ascension of the life force, guiding us to the

bliss and the liberation of the spirit.

ka2 (Large).jpg
re (Large).jpg

Rainbow Explosion

(Lipia citriodora & Gomphrena globosa)

Life is like a rainbow. You need both, the sun and

the rain, to make the colors appear! This infusion

is blessed with Spring flowers and plants.


(Cymbopogon citratus & Gomphrena globosa)

This infusion is inspired by the union of the feminine

and masculine powers resulting in the experience of

the Oneness. The path to Samadhi, the bliss, the union

with the Whole and the Universe. A state of pure

unconditional love.

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